Friday, February 9, 2007

******IMMEDIATE NEEDS!!!*******

(SS) Single Mom with 12 year-old son who has severe autism and behavior issues...also has 9 year old daughter. Lives in an apartment with no phone and has no transportation. Current needs include a donated car (which we may have a lead on at this time) and a land-line telephone and answering machine to facilitate better communication between home and school. This is a wonderful family who is really struggling. Please check out the list below and consider donating items or money. We are tagging specific funds for this family, especially to get a telephone line set up as soon as possible. Note the code (SS) to ensure that your donation goes specifically to this family.

**Gift Cards to grocery stores or Walmart... Food is an immediate need!
*Answering Machine
*Large Trash can
*Queen Size Sheet Set
*Size 6 women's shoes for little girl
*Size 6 1/2 men's shoes for little boy
*Household supplies... laundry soap, cleaning supplies, laundry baskets, storage bins, small trash cans, etc.
*2 bath mats
*Dust Pan

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